Rosemary Zibart Author- TRUE BRIT- BEATRICE, 1940


by Rosemary Zibart-  Illustrator: George Lawrence

ISBN:978-1-932926-18-7MMM’412.95   212 pgs

In 1940, Beatrice Sims, a spoiled English girls arrives in Santa Fe to escape the war in London.  At first the twelve-year-old hates the dusty little town.  But soon Beatrice makes friends with goofy Arbella,  developes a crush on handsome Esteban and aids Ana, a shy Indian girl.  First accused of being”facta” stuck up, Beatrice learns to change tires, ride wild ponies and helps the public health nurse, Clementine Pope, rescue a sick baby on an Indian pueblo.

TRUE BRIT BEATRICE, 1940 was inspired by accounts of children who were sent to Santa Fe and elsewhere in the United States to escape the war in Europe.  The book is the first in a series titled FAR AND AWAY, which features young people displaced and relocated between 1939-1945.

Order from: Ingram Books, Baker & Taylor, or directly from the publisher.

Artemesia publishing

9 Mockingbird Hill Rd.

Tijeras, New Mexico  87059


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