Jerry R. Davis Author and Illustrator- BARNS FROM THE LAND OF ENCHANTMENT


by Jerry R. Davis

New Mexico is a land of diverse cultures and people.  That variety is reflected in the many types of barns found throughout the state.  BARNS FROM THE LAND OF ENCHANTMENT is a collection of fifty drawings and accompanying each is a vignette about the featured structure.  All of the illustrations are full-page black and white suitable for framing.  The vignettes enliven the illustrations with interesting historical information about each barn.  Many of them contain amusing anecdotes about the author’s difficulties in his search for the subjects kin the volume.  BARNS FROM THE LAND OF ENCHANTMENT will fascinate anyone who has a rural background or an interest  in art and architecture.

Jerry R. Davis is a Michigan native who immigrated to New Mexico fourteen years ago.  He taught junior high school history and geography in Michigan schools for thirty-one years,  He is a member of South West Writers, Writers to Writers Workshop, and the New Mexico Book Co-op.  He has been an finalist for the New Mexico Book Awards for his previous books, LEAFING THROUGH MY FAMILY TREE, MASTER OF NONE: A LOVE-HATE AFFAIR WITH HOME REMODELING, AND MICHIGAN BARNS, EL CETERA: RUAL BUILDINGS OF THE GREAT LAKE STATE.

BARNS FROM THE LAND OF ENCHANTMENT: ISBN: 978-1-932926-20-0    $17.99

Artemesia Publishing, 9 Mockingbird Hill Rd,  Tijeras, NM  87059

Contact the Author: JRD

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