Allan Meyer Author- A DOG’S CHOICE


by Allan Meyer

Allan Meyer has a new novel called A DOG CHOICE, in which Eddie, a “normally-impaired” philosopher, loses every argument with Zelda, his talking dog.  When he reminds her that he has a college degree in the “art of correct thinking,” she answers, “Hey, it’s your problem, not mine.”  When he complains that she has three beds, whereas he, a married man, has only one half of one bed, Zelda advises him, “raid where you can and cut a deal where you can’t.”

Meyer adds characters like Yancey, who thinks it strange to obey the Ten Commandments without first reading the find print, a graceless judge with habits that can “irritate a sandbag” and four-year-old Emma who wants to avoid Boston because, “my dad says the place is full of Irishmen.”  Beneath this benign turbulence run more serious currents- gender equality, coping myths, remembrance.

Facing a crisis that his logic cannot justify, Edddie seeks sanctuary in a personalized myth and Zelda answers the call of South Dakota’s beautiful Ghost Dance Lake.

Meyer’s story is exactly what one writer/reviewer called, “a shoplifter in the heart store.”

A DOG’S CHOICE, on Kindle and Nook, is also available in paper from Arizona Vintage Investments, LLC, 12982 N. Meadview Way, Oro Valley, AZ 85755  Price $14.95

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors  June-July 2014


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