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Dr. David Orlowski Author- OUR FIRST 22 DAYS IN HEAVEN


by Dr. David Orlowski

“Expansive and imaginative!  It is more than an interesting read; it is a Bible-based, inspiring message of hope rooted in the living truth of Christ.”- D. Jack W. Hayford, Chancellor, Kings University

“I could not put this book down!  I now see Heaven three-dimensionally.”- Barry Goldwater Jr., U.S. Congressman

“Powerful and transforming!  C.S. Lewis’ writing … I was transported to a place of sight, sound and imagination.”- Dr. Michael Richardson

“This book is the Avatar version of Heaven!  It’s a fully vivid, technicolor rendering of what Heaven is really like!”- A. Avila Smith

“This book is tremendously gifted with imagination.  It has aroused and expanded our conceptions of heaven.  It just made us love God more.”- Pastor Paul Andrews, Faith Family Church

Available in paperback or eBook at or call 480-619-8486


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Steve Betts Author- ANCIENT STONES

      by Steve Betts
Dust Jacket Hardcover
Print Type:
The Dawsons have decided to take an impromptu camping trip since their parents are out of town. When the park closes at 8:00 p.m. and the sun sets, ancient residents make themselves known, and the three children are thrust into a supernatural world where their eternal freedom is at stake.

On a late September afternoon, three teens embark on a weekend of relaxation only to find themselves engaged in a supernatural struggle against an evil that seeks to take them captive for eternity.

Available & Christian Book Stores

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Barry Lopez Author- OUTSIDE


by Barry Lopez    Illustrated by Barry Moser

The six stories in OUTSIDE showcase National Book award-winning Author Barry Lopez’s superb talent as a fiction writer.  They offer profound insight into the relationships between humans and animals, creativity and beauty, and ultimately, life and death.  Eleven engravings by legendary artist Barry Moser parallel Lopez’s  complex sense of our relationship to nature.

Offered by Trinity University Press

Trinity University

One Trinity Place

San Antonio, TX 78212

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Kareena Maxwell Author- STANLEY


by Kareena Maxwell

A new novel inspired by life of Stanley Ann Dunham Soetero, mother of Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States of America during 1995, the last year of her life in Indonesia.

Written in fine poetic prose, STANLEY is destined to become a best seller.  In real life Stanley’s father had wished for a boy.  When she was born, he surprisingly named her Stanley.  In her life, the admirable and legendary Stanley Ann Dunham Soetero became an American Economic Anthropologist who worked diligently and with great compassion in helping peasants of Kajar, Indonesia.  Maxwell has written this novel by creating a family of villagers and friends around a woman named Stanley.  We are privy to Stanley’s inner most thoughts as she explores the depth of love and friendship in search of her own identity as she is working to obtain microfinance loans to the Indonesian cottage industries.


The rain in Jajar is never easy.  It falls onto you face like tiny daggers and into your brain to sort out your real purpose in life.  Swift darts fly through the air furiously filling the ground until it swells with mudslides and mosquito filled pools.  In the elevated land of Jakarta thin people endure the volcanoes and ash that they inhale from the eruptions ….   … When I was a child I decided that people were so interesting that I was going to learn everything that I could about them.  Then I arose one morning and I was on the other side of the world.  I evolved here from a journey that began in America … My name is Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro and early on in life I had to defend myself … My father wanted a boy, and I was not going to forget it.  With my long black hair and interest in the … workings of who we are I …


Publisher: Jo-An Pictures Ltd.

Cover Illustration- John Lane

Hard Cover- 6×9 inches – 232 Pages


ISBN- 101-890719-11-0

Distributor: Ingram, Baker and Taylor, BookMasters, Atlas

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Mattie Lennon Irish Author- THE PECKER’S DAUGHTER

                           THE PECKER’S DAUGHTER

   by Mattie Lennon

On Saturday 19th July, in the Ballsbridge Hotel, Miss Cork, Jessica Hayes, was crowned Miss Ireland. Among her 35 co-finalists one was unique.

    Miss Kilkenny, Sarah Jane Dunne , daughter of the famous troubadour Pecker Dunne is the first member of the Travelling community to compete in the Miss Ireland Pageant since its inception 67 years ago.  She has an Honours Degree from Trinity College but I asked her where did it all start? What was her path to Miss Kilkenny?

     “ I took part in the Miss University Ireland pageant earlier this year where I represented Trinity College! After doing this I went on to enter 2fm’s Miss Personality competition.  This competition was based solely on the entrant’s personality and nobody had a clue as to what we looked like!  I was one of 8 finalists and we all used alternative names – mine was ‘Miss Trad’ – so as not to give our identities away, it was all very secretive!  The winner of this competition went on to secure a place as a Miss Ireland finalist with the title of Miss Personality.  I didn’t win but I did very well in the competition and went on to compete in the Miss Ireland Semi-finals, where I was selected as ‘Miss Kilkenny’.  I was absolutely thrilled to be selected, I really gave it my best shot this year at becoming a Miss Ireland finalist as it is my last year to enter due to age restrictions.  I love the whole pageantry thing.   I know that there are people out there who really dislike the whole thing but speaking from experience, participating in pageants has really helped give me confidence.  I have made so many friends from participating in pageants and I have had so much fun along the way.  If you have an interest in modelling, entering pageants like the Miss Ireland, is a great way of networking and gaining experience.”

 She is also a talented musician (no surprise there. At what age did she start playing? )   “I was so young that I actually don’t remember! I would say I was around 6 when I started playing the concertina.  This was my first instrument and it wasn’t until I was 15 that I took up the fiddle.”

 Not many Travelers make it to third-level education.  What was different here?    “My dad always encouraged me to read, from a very young age he had me reading.  He was a big reader himself so this had a huge influence on me.  He also encouraged me to do well in school and instilled the importance of getting an education.   He never pressured me, or any of my siblings, when it came to choosing college or doing exams, he always just encouraged us to do our best and work hard. “


   She didn’t feel like an outsider  in Trinity but learned that ignorance is everywhere;  “ I was after finishing a lecture with a group of students from my class in Trinity one morning, and we went to grab a cup of coffee.  We were all sitting around, in a group, discussing our teaching practice and how we were finding the course.  I must add that I didn’t really know this group as I had not spent much time with them.  One of the girls who was sitting at the table across from me began a tirade about how it annoyed her that ‘traveller children get everything handed to them’.  She began a discussion about a traveller girl that was in her class, and how this child was getting help from all angles, and she really seemed upset and disgusted at this.  She went on about the ‘special treatment’ that this child was receiving and how outraged she was at it for a few minutes and when she finished I spoke to her and said, ‘Wow, that is terrible, isn’t it?’, she nodded in agreement, and I went on to state that ‘I am a member of the travelling community and I can assure you that I have never had anything “handed to me”, in fact I have worked extremely hard to get where I am today’.  I made my point and expressed my upset at her statement, the whole group sat in discomfort and what had just unfolded! This girls jaw had literally dropped and she made some redundant comment about how she just felt that ‘everyone should be treated equal’!  At this point I just got up and left the table.  I had made my point and I wasn’t going to sit there and entertain this ignorant girl.”

   And where does the Pecker’s daughter plan to go from here?   “I plan to travel, I really want to see the world and now I finally have my degree I can make my plans.  Since finishing secondary school I have been putting myself through college and only recently completed my Higher Diploma in Education where I secured an Honours Degree from Trinity College Dublin.  I am now a qualified English and Religion secondary school teacher.  I am hoping to secure some work so I can save up and go off on my journey.”

  The Travelling community is fully behind her ; delighted that one of their own has made it.  “  I have received really positive messages from those who have contacted me since I began receiving media attention.  I met two lovely travelling women from Kilkenny on the train back from Dublin recently and they were so proud of me, they praised me for how well-spoken I was on ‘Saturday Night with Miriam’ and gave me some words of encouragement.  I have received countless messages on Facebook from members of the Travelling community who have all expressed their happiness at my success.  I couldn’t see anyone looking down on me for going to college, and if there are people out there who do then that saddens me, I am sad for them.”

 I asked Sarah Jane what she thought of the fact that the trade of Tinsmith is almost dead . “ It is sad really, we have a beautiful copper bucket at home in Clare that was given to my dad decades ago by a tinker man.  It would be great to see something in place to revive this skill among young travellers.”

It was the first time I asked a Trinity Graduate “ are you wide to the gammon?”    “I am of course! My dad was a fluent speaker of Cant and I picked up some of it from him.  One of my biggest regrets is not learning to speak it like he could before he passed away.  It is a lovely language and a huge part of Traveller culture.”  There’s only one way for the Pecker Dunne’s daughter to go, UP.

Mattie Lennon


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Jo-Marie Author- ADI’S WORLD


by Jo-Marie

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live in a sugar maple tree?  Your whole village lives inside the tree’s trunk and branches.  How tall are you?  What is your home like?  Does your bedroom have windows?  Where do you go to school?  Does your school have a playground?

What if one day a branch on your school’s playground cracks open?  This branch is high in the air.  What danger does this crack bring to your school and community?  What if the adults in your community can’t solve the problem?  What will you and your classmates do?  Will you think of ways to help your community?  Who will lead this important project?  Will you solve the mystery of how the crack happened and why?  What if things go wrong?

Adi faces these problems with the help of her friends and a very special person.  Through His help and guidance, Adi finds courage she doesn’t know she has.  Adi learns to answer His question: Who are you, Adi?

Available now from WestBow Press

Order this title through your local bookseller or preferred on-line retailer

SC ISBN978-1-4497-9416-3

HC ISBN978-1-4497-9417-0




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