Elizabeth Rose Author- POET UNDER A SOLDIER’S HAT


by Elizabeth Rose

Historical Biography


Trade Paperback

Quillrunner Publishing LLC (April 30, 2013

360 pages



An historical biography of a British Officer during the last years of the Raj.  Few people are still alive who can remember the British Empire.  The author’s father, Hugh Rose, served as a British Officer with the Gurkhas in India, and also with the Political and Foreign Service in Hadramat, Iran, and North West Frontier.  She found the facts and details in his diary too fascinating to keep hidden, and wrote this biography in order to record a time in history now fading to the past.


“The intriguingly arcan, hothouse world of British India in it final decades is authentically recalled and decoded here by Elizabeth Rose, as she delves into her own roots and the enthralling life of an “officer and a gentleman” who dares to flout the rigid social strictures of his time.”- David de Vaux, El Kumanand Press

“What I found so moving about Hugh Rose’s thoughts on India were his memories of the Himalayan foothills – and higher – in which the spiritual and physical can meld into on.  I KNOW is so because I have felt the same way.  I remember when I first drove to Simla and saw the Anapurna range for the first time.  It was so deeply moving and … well … magical.”- Bill Stewart, Foreign Service Journalist Delhi, India and Time Magazine

“… a striking evocation of a past life lived in times past, with colourful episodes in pre-war India, Aden and more remote reaches of what was in those days, the Aden Protectorate …”- Ian Skeet, Author of MUSCAT AND OMAN, THE END OF AN ERA, OMAN, POLITICS, AND DEVELOPEMENT, OPEC, TWENTY FIVE YEARS OF PRICES AND POLITICS.

Treat yourself!  POET UNDER A SOLDIER’S is Liz Rose’s engrossing re-creationg of her dshing father’s lush diary.  Hugh Rose is strong, sensitive, fit, with a sharp eye for truth of huge mountains … Defying British policy he crosses unmapped passes, in tribal Afghanistan.  His intriguing companions are the bearers, orderlies, outcast, warlords, tribalmembers, ambassadors, Sultans, Lords, Ladies all describe in fast, beaufiful phrases, quick observations and insights …”- Tori Warner Shepard, author of NOW SILENCE, a Novel of World War II, and working on SANTA FE, USA.

“To those of us who have spent our lives traveling in the service of our government, this story of Hugh Rose’s life and adventures rings so true.  It viidly portrays the spirit of the times; a great read.”- Philip and Barbara Pfeiffer, US Department of Defense.

Elizabeth Rose, born in India, lives and works in Galisteo New Mexico.  Since emigrating from England on the last day of 1985 to start anew on the first day of 1986, Elizabeth made her career as a sculptor.  Though she had never written anything beyond  a journal, in 2008 she joined the South West Writers in Albuquerque to hone her writing craft in order to rewrite her father’s military memoirs.  She put away her chisel and picked up her pen.  Writing is her passion.  To build her resume, Elizabeth entered literary contests in diverse cvategories and has ahieved ten SWW awards to date.


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