Tracy Holczer Author- THE SECRET HUM OF A DAISY


by Tracy Holczer

After the sudden death of her mother, twelve-year-old Grace is forced to live with a grandmother she’s never met in a small town she’s never heard of.  A town Mama left years before … with Grace in her belly and a bus ticket in her pocket … and never looked back.  It doesn’t take long before Grace desperately wants lo leave too.

Until she finds the first crane.

A mysterious treasure hunt, just like the ones her mother used to send her on, takes Grace on a journey to find home.  And it might just be closer than she thinks.

“Tracy Holezer’s story is a lyric about love and loss and not being able to find your future until you’ve uncovered your past.”- Richard Peck, author of Newbery winning A YEAR DOWN YONDER.

978-0-399-16393-7   G.P Putnam’s Sons

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