Ron Wick Author- DESERT KILL


by Ron Wick

Ron Wick’s DESERT KILL, the second book of the Santiago Mystery Series, has been published and nominated for the IPPY (Independent Publishers Award) by StoneThread Publishing.  Michelle Santiago’s best friend Nikki, wife of billionaire Claude Braun, begs for help in finding her missing stepdaughter Lindsey.  Santiago’s commitment to help takes her away from a coastal vacation in Washington State with her partner lover, Seattle police department homicide detective Chance Stewart, to a murderous nightmare in Arizona’s Valley of the Sun.  The search for Lindsey leads Santiago into the world of a psychopathic killer’ a former spook, MIA, mercenary, assassin, and serial killer of young women.  A team of special FBI agents joins the search to neutralize the kidnapper if he is the rogue spook to prevent him from coming to trial in open court and exposing government secrets.  Santiago is stalked, imprisoned, and threatened with life-altering circumstance in her search and battle for survival with the obsessive killer.  DESERT KILL is available on Smashwords, Amazon and Barns & Noble.

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors  June 2014

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