Arabella Thome Author- THE ELF LORDS REVENGE



by Arabella Thome

It is 1843

Immortal elf Allydan sath Nulan has returned from his travels to his estate in Alta California only to find his home and family destroyed.  Related to the ruling family in the Flviah homeland of Aelynghyst, Allydan, as the last of his line, must discover the killer before he, too, is murdered.

Into his life falls Emma Treadburn, a human woman at the end of her rope.  Tired of being forced to pay off her father’s debts by working for the local haberdasher who thinks he’s entitled to enjoy Emma’s charms, she decides to strike out of her own.

A terrible wagon accident brings the two of them together.  But can the scholarly healer allow himself a fall in love with a human while trying to find a murderer?

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