by C. Michael Bennis

Two dangerous assassins from different parts of the world seek a respite from danger in each others arms, only to discover their exposure to violence now grows exponentially.

Ziv Yadin is Mossad’s foremost assassin who will one day return to Tel Aviv and marry her childhood sweetheart.  Then she meets the Argentinian, Julio Navarro, who has the changing effect similar to an aphrodisiac.  He stimulates her desires and overpowers her forewarning of his impending danger.  Already it is too late when she sees him kill her two dangerous assailants in two seconds.

Julio Navarro’s dossier is so highly classified that to know his identity is tantamount to instant death.  Nevertheless, Julio is so smitten with the beautiful Ziv, whose combat talents rival his own, that he quickly forgets there is no place for love in his dangerous life.  Julio at once knew he should avoid the Israeli like the plague, but similar to Ziv it was already too late to put out the flames in his heart.

Ziv and Julio are unprepared when Julio’s former love, Claudia Bazan, resurfaces from six-years ago, and begs via messenger for Julio to save her from immanent death in Culiancan.  Unable to refuse, Julio travels to save a woman he no longer loves, while Ziv soon follows to rescue the man she can no longer live without.  Both Julio and Ziv are quickly in immediate danger …  It is 2007,  and Caliacan is the most dangerous place on the planet.


C. Michael Bennis studied at Madrid’s Universidad Complutense, and later graduated from the University of Colorado and the Thunderbird School of Global Management.  He is bilingual English/Spanish, and now lives in Tucson, Arizona as as a former toy and advertising industry executive.  He has authored three published novels: SIGNS OF DESTINY (2012), RULES OF ENGAGEMENT (2009), and DANGEROUS AND DESIRABLE (2013).  He is currently writing his fourth novel, a children’s story, between speaking engagements.



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