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ean PrugJh Author- A DEBT REPAID


by Jean Prugh

Love and Intrique in Europe

This story was told by me, by a spirit named Jennifer.  She said, to repay a debt.

When Sarah is abandoned in a Paris convent by her mother, Jennifer her art teacher, befriends her.  Robert Ballantyne sees her unusual style of painting and recognizes it as identical to that of an artist he once loved.  Curious, he invites Sarah and Jennifer to London, supposedly to sponsor Sarah’s career.  Staying in Robert’s home, they are surprised to see so many magnificent paintings by the old masters.

Sarah stays with Robert after Jennifer dies in a car crash.  While in Berlin with him, she is outraged to find out how he obtained the paintings.  She is attracted to Robert’s associate Phillip, though wonders if she can trust him.  Later, he tells Sarah he is investigating Robert’s art connections, and has fallen in love with her.  Robert, while drunk, attempts to rape her, but in a struggle dies and she is suspect.

Sarah is curious about her mother, and Phillip promises to find her.  He does, and takes Sarah on a surprise trip to Switzerland.  But when they visit with her there, they find out more unsettling truths.

Between writing in the summer and golfing in the winter in Tucson, Arizona.  Jean is pleased to finally bring her second book A DEBT REPAID to the light of day.  It is available through Amazon.com or at Santafejinx@gmail.com


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Sharon Skinner Author- THE HEALER’S LEGACY


by Sharon Skinner

Orphaned by war, haunted by unknown origins, and chased by a warlord and his army of brutal soldiers.

KIRA is a young woman with a secret. She can psychically communicate with animals. She is also on the run from her abusive mate Toril, the hero turned warlord, who led the country’s forces to victory against the outland raiders. Only that was before his love of power consumed him. Now, his only focus is on tracking down Kira and making her punishment an example of his power.

But the quest for freedom isn’t the only struggle Kira faces. She must also come to terms with her past choices, whose echoes drive her present. And now, the future of the land and people she has come to love depends on the decisions she will be forced to make.




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Dr. Jytte Fogh Lokvig Author- THE ALZHEIMER’S CREATIVE Project


by Dr. Jytte Fogh Lokvig

To order: Send check to:

Endless Circle Press

228 Ojo de la Vaca Road

Santa Fe, NM  87508

Spiral bound.  (ISBN 97810971039049)

Perfect bound.  (ISBN 9780971039025)

$45.00 per book includes tax and S&H

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