Martha Wells Author- THE SERPENT SEA


by Martha Wells

Mysterious Galaxy Book Review

The second volume of the Books of the Raksura (following last year’s THE CLOUD ROADS, my favorite epic fantasy of 2011) finds former solitary consort Moon and colony, led by sister queen Jade and Pearl, traveling in search of a new home for the Indigo Cloud court, after their previous home was destroyed in a confrontation with the Fell Colon.  Grandfather Stone leads them to their ancestral home, a mountain-tree that will nourish and protect them.  But in their absence, someone has vandalized the tree, removing its life-sustaining seed.  Moon and Jade join an urgent quest for the seed, or a viable replacement- one that will bring them in contact with more fantastic inhabitants of Wells’ world – even as Moon struggles to adjust to life with his own kind, and the etiquette associated with a consort.  Riveting reading!- MeH

Night Shade Books tpo,  $14.99

Mysterious Galaxy Books

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