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Stacey Jay Author- ROMEO REDEEMED


By Stacey Jay

Mysterious Galaxy Book Review

I enjoyed JULIET IMMORTAL, in which Stacey continued the “tale of woe” for the most famous lovers in history, as their spirits journeyed through time, representatives of eternal adversaries in a battle for the souls of young lovers. And when ROMEO REDEEMED was published, my first question was how could anyone redeem that Romeo? The answer has to do with true love, of course … and forgiveness, and maturity. And an outcast contemporary girl named Ariel, whom Romeo (occupying the body of local bad boy Dylan) is tasked with saving from herself … the same argument that persuaded him to slay Juliet in the 14th Century. Ariel, Romeo, and Juliet all share parts of the story from their perspectives, and Stacey does a wonderful job of conveying the simultaneous conviction and self-doubt of teens, whether they’re 16 years old or 700 years old

– Maryelizabeth
Delacorte, $17.99

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