Marion Ekholm Author- JUST LIKE EM


by Marion Ekholm

Marion Ekholm’s Harlequin heartwarming novel, JUST LIKE EM, came out February 1, 2014.

After her divorce the heroine Em (for Emmy Lou) has returned with her asthmatic son to live with her mother in Phoenix Arizona.  She meets up with Roger, the man she had a crush on when she was 14.  Roger, whose wife died two years before, cringes with memories of Em.  If he’d gotten his hands on the pain-in-the neck teenager back then, he’d still be serving a jail sentence.  And his 13-year-old daughter is like the Em he remembers.

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of the Society of Southwestern Authors  Vol. 43, No. 1   February/March 2014

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