Eleanor Lerman Poet- STRANGE LIFE

A new collection of poetry from Eleanor Lerman
Mysterious, metaphysical and definitely not mainstream

The arc of Lerman’s work can be traced from the “double-X” rating that The New York Times suggested for her 1974 National Book Award-nominated debut collection of poetry (for its early emphasis on sex, drugs and rock and roll) to meditations on infinity that now speak to an audience spanning the generations. In STRANGE LIFE, Lerman’s sixth volume of poems, she imagines surfing as a metaphor describing persistence in the face of relentlessly passing time and the company of dogs as an ancestral promise of faith in the strength of the human heart. In Lerman’s work, the mystery of what waits beyond the horizon is always present and we cannot help but move towards it, looking for that place where light and darkness are forever intertwined. “It’s a strange life,” Lerman writes, “but wait: it’s getting stranger still.”

STRANGE LIFE can be ordered now from Mayapple Press at a pre-publication discount.

The author can be contacted at elerman1@optonline.net.

Visit her website: http://www.eleanorlerman.com

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