Simon Morden Author- EQUATIONS OF LIFE


by Simon Morden

Galaxy Book Review

So my man Ozzie- good friend and regular Mysterious Galaxy customer … got me started on Simon Morden’s EQUATIONS OF LIFE.  It’s a thriller, set in a future London where Russian, Japanese, and local gangs duke it out and the police are powerless bystanders.  Life sucks, at least in the marginal areas, so, yes, this is a dystopia, but the people in the novel make up for this by their verve and their general bigheartedness.  The main guy is Petrovicvh, genius Russian physicist with a shady past.  The main girl is Sister Madeleine, a nun with a very big gun, who ditches her habit to help Petrovicyh rescue the other main girl, Sonya, the damsel in distress and daughter of the local Japanese crime lord.  Throw in a rogue Al and the scientific discovery of all time, and you’ve got a fast-pace, quick-witted, culturally savvy sf thriller of the highest caliber.  Enthusiastically recommended!- DJ

Orbit Books pho, $7.99

Mysterious Galaxy Book Store

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