Jennifer Ashley Author- PRIDE MATES


by Jennifer Ashley

Mysterious Galaxy Review

It has been a while since I started a new paranormal series that intriqued me with its world building and characters.  I am admittedly late to this series, but I intend to make up for lost time.  This is the world of Shifters who live in Austin, Texas in an environment thick with prejudice and peril.  The danger comes, not from outsiders directly, but in the constant threat in their way of life, which they hold deal and very secret.  In this series opener, one young human lawyer defies social norms by defending a Shifter for a crime he did not commit and seeks out help from his clan.  She immediately runs into both lust and an abundance of brick walls which she is determined to meet head on (in both instances).  It is a fun world to break into with a writer who is sure of her trade.- Terry

Berkley Sensation paperback original, $7.99

Mysterious Galaxy Books

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