Robert M. Utley Author- GERONIMO


by Robert M. Utley

“(Utley’s) long career as a Western American historian … and his close attention to the topographic detail of the Apache homeland guarantee a true picture of the man who was neither hero nor thug.”- Kirkus Reviews

“Meticulous and finely researched …. Utley achieves his goal of humanizing Geronimo.”- Publishers Weekly

“This biography by historian Robert Utley draws on new literature and historical sources, stripping away the rumors.  It tells Geronimo’s story from both the white and Apache perspectives … what it was like to be an Apache fighter, how Geronimo stayed free and why he finally surrendered.”- Caspar (WY) Star-Tribune

The Lamar Series in Western History

27 b/w illus + 13 maps  $30.00

Yale University Press

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