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Robert M. Utley Author- GERONIMO


by Robert M. Utley

“(Utley’s) long career as a Western American historian … and his close attention to the topographic detail of the Apache homeland guarantee a true picture of the man who was neither hero nor thug.”- Kirkus Reviews

“Meticulous and finely researched …. Utley achieves his goal of humanizing Geronimo.”- Publishers Weekly

“This biography by historian Robert Utley draws on new literature and historical sources, stripping away the rumors.  It tells Geronimo’s story from both the white and Apache perspectives … what it was like to be an Apache fighter, how Geronimo stayed free and why he finally surrendered.”- Caspar (WY) Star-Tribune

The Lamar Series in Western History

27 b/w illus + 13 maps  $30.00

Yale University Press   YaleBooks.com

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D. R. Randell Author- THAI TWIST


by D. R. Randell

D. R. Randell’s YA Romance THAI TWIST has recently been accepted by Breathless Books (Assent Publishing).  For recent high school graduate Gina Campanello, winning a trip for two to Thailand seems more like a chore than a prize.  The country is a long plane ride from her home in Tucson, and besides, she’d rather stay in town and flirt with college boys.  Before Gina leaves, a neighbor asks her to deliver a small package to a long-lost brother.  Intrigued, Gina arrives in Bangkok with a purpose.  While her man she’s looking for lives in Chiang Mai, she’s en route to Phuket!  She spends the rest of the trip unraveling the mysterious connections between her neighbor and her Thai counterpart.

The novel celebrates travel and a spirit of adventure.  Gina’s misconceptions about the target culture initially throw her off track, but after she begins to see Thailand through a native’s eyes, she develops a deeper appreciation for her new surroundings.  For more information visit drransdellnovels.com

Taken from THE WRITEWORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors  Vol. 42.  No. 6.  December 2013/ January 2014

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