by Susan Manker-Seale

Susan Manker-Seale used Createspace to publish her novel,  MYSTERIES OF THE ESSE: SHALA’S HOPE.  Ralena was raised to be wary of magic.  Now she finds that she is magic and must seek refuge from the sorcerers  she fears.  Her starshield pendant holds a stone connecting her to an evil that murdered her mother, but its protections hide Ralena.

Mordon wears a starshield as he leads the Council of Sorcerers.  When ripples of the extraordinary magic interrupt the council, he races south to bind it.  Instead, he’s caught in a sorcerers trap, and must betray his new apprentice to defeat the greatest evil of their time: Betrayer Jagon, sinister mind-reader and creator of the sansanima, the soulless.

Ril is a shapeshifter, one of the Esse, and guardian of the starshields.  With his partner, Anka, he has planted a many-layered trap in Melena’s mind for Betrayer Jagon, keeping her unaware of their shared lineage, her magic, or her purpose.  When Relenna discovers their deceptions, she searches her soul and begins to unravel the mysteries of the Esse, threatening what took Ril a hundred years to craft.  And something else dwells within the dimension of the starshields, spying on their lives, mystifying even the Esse.

Susan writes in the deserts and mountains of Arizona, contemplating the beauty and mysteries of nature and the universe.  She is a mystic and Unitarian Universalist minister.  Her poetry and essays have been published in books on spirituality and mediation.  In struggling to categorize her fiction, she hereby proposes a new genre: mystical fiction or mystic-fi.  MYSTERIES OF THE ESSE: SHALA’S HOPE is available on

Taken from the Write Word, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors   Vol. 42.  No 6.  December 2013 & January 2014

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