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Mattie Lennon Irish Author- “YE’LL VOTE FOR ME”


                                                                                        By Mattie Lennon.

Set; A cottage door set in a whitewashed wall with a small window on either side is facing the road .

 A nearby telephone pole, to the right, has an election poster attached with a picture of a young handsome man and the caption “Number One for Barton.”  Tim, an elderly pipe-smoking man wearing a battered hat is leaning over a half-door, looking towards the poster and talking to himself. He has all the hallmarks of a small farmer and has a habit of spitting mid-sentence.

    TIM;   I told them in 1937 ‘ vote for the constitution and you vote for your own downfall’. But would they listen? No. Too many of them knew too bloody much. Ah yes,

“ . . . The Irish nation hereby affirms its inalienable  and sovereign right to  choose its own form of Government . . “  Sovereign right me arse. What right have we now?  Sovereign or otherwise. Oh, they may wipe their arse with article33 now. “There shall be a Comptroller and Auditor General to control on behalf of the State all disbursements and to audit all accounts of moneys administered by or under authority of the Oireachtas.” And then , “ . .    every citizen without distinction of sex who has reached the age of twenty-one years, and who is not  placed under disability or incapacity by this Constitution or by law, shall be eligible for membership of Dail Eireann.”  Aye , “eligible”.  No wonder we have the shower o’ gobshites that we have above in Leinster House. The lord have mercy on the old people. I remember before the foundation of the State. . .

 An overweight middle-aged man approaches the door from the right, Tim’s “blind-side”, He is carrying a number of leaflets and and is wearing a rosette bearing the words; “Vote for Jimmy  Miley.”

POLITICAN;  Good morning to you Tim. It’s younger you’re getting. How are you getting on?


   TIM;   (Turning round but showing no signs of embarrassment Ah, I’m middlen’ Jimmy.


   POLITICAN; Isn’t it after been rough old weather. .  and. . . . isn’t the cost of living terrible?

   TIM;  I suppose we can’t do much about either of them.

   POLITICAN;  Well, a change of government would do something about the living cost.


   TIM;  An’ what about the divil ye know?

   POLITICAN;  We had some quare promises made here over the years. Do you remember O ‘Reilly the Labour fellow? When everybody in Kylebeg had to carry water uphill in galvanised buckets he spent his whole career promising to get a well sunk and a pump for them.


   TIM;  The well always dried up after the election.

   POLITICAN;   Every one of his after-Mass meetings would finish with the punchline, “An’ the Kylebegs will have their water.”

   TIM;  That was well put . . .in one way. But sure no one can do anything for anyone now unless they’re told to do it beyant in Europe


  POLITICAN;  I’m after getting the pension for old Johnny Doyle.


   TIM;   Isn’t Johnny over 66?


   POLITICAN ;  No matter what age he is nobody got the pension for him before.

  TIM; I suppose it’s better late . . .


   POLITICAN;  (Cutting him off)If I’m elected I’ll look after the people of Kylebeg. Wasn’t all belonging to me reared in it. I know you’ll give me your number one Tim but do you honestly think I’ll be elected.


   TIM; Of course you will; ye’ll walk it.

   POLITICAN; Do you think so?


   TIM; I do. Sure didn’t you say that it was the poor that elected you the last time . . an’ isn’t there twice as many of us now.


Mattie Lennon <mattielennon@gmail.com>;


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Molly McKinney Author- CRYSTAL SHADOWS


by Molly McKinney

Molly McKinney’s new romantic mystery novel, CRYSTAL SHADOWS, will be featured on Mystery-Anthology.webnode.com, as a monthly serial, beginning with the November 2013 issue.  A quality paperback version is planned for the future, published by Moon Cactus Books.  Discount schedule is listed on the website.  Come visit the wide selection of mysteries by Tucson authors at Mystery-Anthology.webnode.com.

Taken from the WRITE WORD, the newsletter of the Society of Southwestern Authors.  Vol. 42.  No. 6  December 2013/ January 2014


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by Susan Manker-Seale

Susan Manker-Seale used Createspace to publish her novel,  MYSTERIES OF THE ESSE: SHALA’S HOPE.  Ralena was raised to be wary of magic.  Now she finds that she is magic and must seek refuge from the sorcerers  she fears.  Her starshield pendant holds a stone connecting her to an evil that murdered her mother, but its protections hide Ralena.

Mordon wears a starshield as he leads the Council of Sorcerers.  When ripples of the extraordinary magic interrupt the council, he races south to bind it.  Instead, he’s caught in a sorcerers trap, and must betray his new apprentice to defeat the greatest evil of their time: Betrayer Jagon, sinister mind-reader and creator of the sansanima, the soulless.

Ril is a shapeshifter, one of the Esse, and guardian of the starshields.  With his partner, Anka, he has planted a many-layered trap in Melena’s mind for Betrayer Jagon, keeping her unaware of their shared lineage, her magic, or her purpose.  When Relenna discovers their deceptions, she searches her soul and begins to unravel the mysteries of the Esse, threatening what took Ril a hundred years to craft.  And something else dwells within the dimension of the starshields, spying on their lives, mystifying even the Esse.

Susan writes in the deserts and mountains of Arizona, contemplating the beauty and mysteries of nature and the universe.  She is a mystic and Unitarian Universalist minister.  Her poetry and essays have been published in books on spirituality and mediation.  In struggling to categorize her fiction, she hereby proposes a new genre: mystical fiction or mystic-fi.  MYSTERIES OF THE ESSE: SHALA’S HOPE is available on Amazon.com.

Taken from the Write Word, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors   Vol. 42.  No 6.  December 2013 & January 2014

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