Jeffrey J. Mariotte Author- SEASON OF THE WOLF


by Jeffrey J. Mariotte

Mysterious Galaxy Book Review

“A film crew travels to the small Colorado town of Silver Gap to make a documentary about climate change, no easy task in a town full of unbelieving hunters.  Leading this crew is a man haunted by his family’s sins … and a few of his own … a man hunting for no small measure of redemption.  But in the town of Silver Gap, hunters have become the hunted.  It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!  Once thought long gone from Colorado, it would seem that wolves have now returned, but they’re not your daddy’s wolves, oh no.  And as if this wasn’t enough, wolves aren’t the only beasts on the prowl.

SEASON OF THE WOLF is a pulse-pounding supernatural thriller with a message, and a whole lot of carnage … so release your inner Wolfen, learn a thing or two about the world you live in, and pray you don’t become prey.”- Patrick

DarkFuse trade paperback original, $16.99

Mysterious Galaxy Books

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