Lisa Gardner Author- CATCH ME


by Lisa Gardner

Mysterious Galaxy Book Review

“Detective D. D. Warren is just back from maternity leave and her first case is the murder of a pedophile that seems to be related to a similar crime that took place in her absence.  At the crime scene she discovers a note on her vehicle and notices a figure running away.  She give chase and runs down Charlaine Rosalind Carter Grant (aka Charlie) who denies writing the letter but informs D.D. that she visited the crime scene to see the detective in action.  It seems that Charlie knows that she will be murdered in four days, on January 23rd, and wants D.D. to promise to handle the investigation.  Charlie’s two best childhood friends have been murdered on that exact same day over the last two years and she is certain that she is next.  She has been preparing for this day for a year, learning to shoot and box to prepare herself for this ultimate showdown.  But the well-laid plan is interrupted with disturbing recollections of an abusive mother, vague memories of dead infant siblings and her apparent connection with the third slain pedophile in two days.  Will she be murdered or is she in fact a murderer?  The many secrets of the past unfold as the action never stops.” – bkh

Dutton, $26.95

Mysterious Galaxy Books

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