Daniel R. Cillis, Ph.D. Author- STATEHOOD OF AFFAIRS


by Daniel R. Cillis

STATEHOOD OF AFFAIRS, a political adventure set in territorial New Mexico, is a 2012 Finalist-New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards

My name is Gabriella Zena, some call me La Guerrillera.  I stand for Old Mexico’s destiny.  Tell my story to the world.


The commitment of a woman to an insane asylum reveals a plot to find a document, Article X of the Treaty of Mesilla … the Revert Document.  If the lost document emerges before New Mexico and Arizona statehood, Old Mexico could recover the territories … and change history.

New Mexico Statehood Delegate Adobe Centori is embroiled in this dangerous conspiracy while affairs of the heart complicate affairs of the state.  Centori shares love but not the same side of the border with Gabriella Zena, La Guerrillera.



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