Christopher J. Corbally, SJ, PhD. & Margaret Boone Rappaport, PhD.- A Grant and a Book… “Astronomy Skits for Secondary School Science Education”

Christopher J. Corbally, SJ, PhD. & Margaret Boone Rappaport, PhD.- A Grant and a Book… “Astronomy Skits for Secondary School Science Education”
Authors and speakers Christopher J. Corbally, SJ, PhD, an astronomer, and Margaret Boone Rappaport, PhD, an anthropologist, just received word that they were awarded “full funding support” for their proposal to the International Astronomical Union. The project is entitled, “Astronomy Skits for Secondary School Science Education,” and funds come specifically from the IAU’s Program for Children and Schools. Margaret and Chris will be working with a local Tucson high school to produce and evaluate three Astronomy Skit Packages, which include a background to the skit in history and culture, scripts, stage directions, keywords, discussion questions, evaluation forms for students and teachers, and suggestions for inexpensive props and costumes.
The project seeks to develop, evaluate, and introduce an innovative, dramatic format to interest young people from middle school through college in science education and science careers. There is a worldwide shortage of manpower in the sciences, and the United States is not graduating enough scientists to meet current and future needs. Because many science manpower needs will occur in less industrialized nations, it will be important to have the Skit Packages translated. The IAU funding provides for the translation of three Skit Packages into Spanish. In the future, plans are to translate all 12 Astronomy Skit Packages into Spanish, Portuguese, and French, to interest students especially in developing countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia.
The three skits produced and evaluated under the grant are in the Supernovae Development Area, one of four Areas (with a total of 12 skits) in their forthcoming book, Astronomy Skits Guide Book for Science Educators and Educational Policy Makers by Margaret Boone Rappaport, PhD, and Christopher J. Corbally, SJ, PhD. The other three Development Areas are: The Milky Way; Planets & Exoplanets; and Stars & Galaxies.
The book begins with a review of facts and figures about the current science manpower shortage, and addresses relevant issues for women and minorities. The book concludes with an Appendix giving a methodology for teachers and students to develop and produce their ideas for their own Astronomy Skits. For further information, contact Margaret or Chris at or see the web site for The Human Sentience Project© at A page is devoted to their Astronomy Skit Program
Co Founders of the Human Sentience Project©, Margaret Boone Rappaport and Chris Corbally, SJ

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