Molly McKinney & Tony Ivins Authors- CRYSTAL SHADOWS & THE BITTER END & MYSTERY-ANTHOLOGY & New Book Lottery

Molly McKinney & Tony Ivins Authors-  CRYSTAL SHADOWS & THE BITTER END & MYSTERY-ANTHOLOGY & New Book Lottery

NEW BOOK LOTTERY:  NOVEMBER WINNER — Claim your free book on the SERIALS page (for yourself or for a gift).

NEW PAGE:  SERIALS – Full length mystery novels in serial form.

  To enjoy the November flavors in the chocolate box of mysteries,

click on this link :

 #19 – THE BITTER END by Tony Ivins – Flash Fiction

Bedlam in the bathroom.

• SERIAL NOVEL:  CRYSTAL SHADOWS by Molly McKinney – Romantic Mystery

Rebuilding her life after accusing the wrong man of murder, courted by handsome millionaire, an artist is blindsided by a second homicide.

•  •  •

All mystery genres are accepted including cozy, paranormal, police, romantic, science fiction, suspense and thriller.  Authors who have been enrolled in a professional writing group are eligible. There is no limit to the number of stories each author may contribute.  Authors retain exclusive rights.  Your website or email address is posted with your story title (optional).  Longer stories and novels can be featured as serials.

The above link to the Mystery Anthology website may be shared by the authors’ friends, family, and prospective customers.  Webnode and Randy Ford’s The Brainpan have now given us listings on the internet.  As writers greatly appreciate feedback, a brief pro-and-con comment on any story will be most welcome, either in the Guest Book section (no need to leave your email address) or by contacting the author directly.

Sharing your talents in the Mystery Anthology is painless.  Email your story to as a PDF attachment, along with a one-sentence descriptionor “logline” and I’ll post it on the website exactly as written.  PDF is the format Webnode requires to enable links to your story.

For help with PDF, go to:

For help with loglines, go to:



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