Thomas Perry Author- POISON FLOWER


by Thomas Perry

Mysterious Galaxy Book Review

“The new Thomas Perry book finds our heroine, Jane Whitefield, a Seneca woman who helps people disappear, caught in a world of trouble.  POISON FLOWER begins with Jane helping wrongly convicted prisoner James Shelby escape from custody at the criminal court building in downtown Los Angeles.  He has been imprisoned for murdering his runaway wife.  He does escape, but crooks posing as cops who are working for the real killer are in pursuit.  Jane and James are on the run, and are soon joined by a woman hiding from an abusive ex-husband.  I won’t give away more of the plot except to say it involves kidnapping, torture, cross-country pursuits, and revenge.

Unrelenting suspense, a skillful and passionate warrior woman, and a nerve-racking climax make POISON FLOWER a must read.”- LNT

Mysterious Press,  $24.00

Mysterious Galaxy Books

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