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Bob Natiello Author- Essay Examines MOOCs in WHARTON MAGAZINE ONLINE

Bob Natiello Author- Essay Examines MOOCs in WHARTON MAGAZINE ONLINE

Less than one year after the University of Pennsylvania announced its commitment to online learning more than a half-million students signed on for one or more massive open online courses- MOOCs for short.  Those half-million students outnumber all living Penn alumni by a ration of 1.7-to-1.  Bob Natiello discusses this rapidly advancing learning phenomenon in the current WHARTON MAGAZINE ONLINE at http://whatonmagazine.com/blogs/right-business-model-can-make-moocs-sustainable.  WHARTON-America’s Number One business school-includes Bob in a limited group of 50 alumni and faculty permitted to contribute to its online magazine.

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors Vol. 42.  No. 5.  October/November 2013

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