George Saunders Author- TENTH OF DECEMBER: STORIES


by George Saunders

Mysterious Galaxy Book Review

“George Saunders’ new collection of short stories is full of masterful tales, some sad, some sweet, some tense and frightening, and others that are outright bizarre and disturbing.  Which is to say, TENTH OF DECEMBER is everything I like a short story collection to be.  When I found myself riveted and sitting at the edge of my seat while reading “Victory Lap,” a short story about an abduction, I was hooked.  Many of Saunders’ stories have a distinctly American flavor, and has a skill for writing characters that have analogues in your daily life, and who invoke empathy.  Many of his characters are unenviable, so to still identify with them and sympathize with them as a reader reflects great skill on the part of Saunders as a writer.  TENTH OF DECEMBER is a great choice for fans of the short form.”- Jaclyn

Random House, $26.00

Mysterious Galaxy Books

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