Madeline Miller Author- SONG OF ACHILLES


by Madeline Miller

Mysterious Galaxy Review

“Ever wonder what happened behind the scenes of the Trojan War?  Curious about the personal life of some of Homer’s Greek heroes?  Want to know how gods and mortals interact?

“Even if you answered ‘no’ to these questions, the story of Achilles and his longtime companion, Patroclus, will intrigue and engross you.  Their relationship is told with delicacy and heart and you will feel as if you are with them on their journey toward manhood and the inevitable.  Achilles is half-mortal, half-god because his mother is the sea nymph, Thetis.  His unique qualities bind him to the Trojan War, despite the efforts of his mother to keep him out of it and to elude the prophesy that his heroic efforts on the field will result in his death.  Patroclus is an exiled prince who was sent to Phthia as a child to be raised by King Peleus, Achilles’ father.  They become companions and come of age together in the most unique of circumstances.

“Miller is a Greek scholar who brings life to Homer’s world in this tale of ancient Greece, filled with myths, heroes, gods and goddesses.  So readable … so memorable.  Miller has promised us another peek into Homer’s world and particularly The Odyssey.  I can’t wait!”- tlg

Ecco, $24.99

Mysterious Galaxy Books

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