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Karlfried Graf Durckheim Author- HARA THE VITAL CENTER OF MAN


by Karlfried Graf Durckheim

ISBN 978-1-59477=024-1

$16.95  (CAN $21.95) pb

216 pages  6×9

includes 8-page b&w insert

According to Zen masters, by adopting a belly-centered posture and correct breathing, one can cultivate inner tranquility and balance: the state called Hara.  Karlfried Graf Durckheim shows the Western world how to overcome the physical and spiritual decay of modern life by adopting the age-old techniques of Japanese Zen masters.

Inner Traditions Bear & Company


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Eve Dew Crook Author- TAKING THE TUMBLE


by Eve Dew Crook

‘sassy and sexy, sweet and scary’

Eve Dew Crook’s novel of romantic suspense, TAKING THE TUMBLE, has been published by the Wild Rose Press.  It is available from Kindle download now.  Official release date for the print and digital versions is Nov. 22, 2013.  Eve is a board member of the Santa Rita branch of Society of Southwestern Authors.  Her website is http://evedewcrook.com.

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors  Vol. 42.  No. 5  October/November 2013

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