Dan Baldwin Author- DESECRATION


by Dan Baldwin

Dan Baldwin has a fast-pace, interesting read in his novel DESECRATION.  The setting is an area known locally as the ARK-LA-TEX (southwestern Arkansas, northwestern Louisiana, northeastern Texas).  The protagonist is Dr. Ashley Maud Hayes, a professor of archaeology from Centenary College in Shreveport, LA.  She is recruited by pun-prone city detective Bummer LaSalle to investigate the vandalism of a local cemetery.  The crime seems to have been done by an individual from the Caddo Indian Tribe, a formerly indigenous group from that region and Ashley’s area of expertise.  However, the apparent prank soon morphs into the murder of a not-so-favorite-son of a prominent Shreveport family.  Ashley’s help is needed more than ever.  Dan’s story deals not only with murder, but the problem of the desecration of Native American burial sites, the trafficking of pilfered relics and an underground network of dealers.  The author has his usual cadre of curious characters, from truck stop waitresses to a state senator, from pottery and point hunters to a Native American “wanna-be” who wreaks havoc across the region.  Expect a fun read (and probably more stories in the future centered on Ash Hayes.)

DESECRATION is now available for $3.99 in a Kindle download from http://www.amazon.com/dp/b00eqm6kr0.  The paperback edition will be ready within a few weeks.  “If you like mysteries, quirky characters, seriously evil villains, and plots that keep you interested, I believe you’ll enjoy this one.”- Dan

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors Vol. 42.  No. 5  October/November 2013

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