Jennifer McMahon Author- THE ONE I LEFT BEHIND


by Jennifer McMahon

Mysterious Galaxy Review

“Twenty-five years ago, a serial killer terrorized a small Connecticut town.  His trademark was leaving his victims’ right hands in milk cartons in public places, followed a few days later by their bodies.  Reggie Dufrane’s mother, Vera, was presumed to be the final victim when her hand was discovered.  When a demerged by alive Vera contacts Reggie and they return to Brighton Falls, it’s less a joyful reunion than a resumption of that terrible summer of 1985.  I know it sounds like hyperbole to claim one reads with one’s heart in one’s throat, but that’s an accurate description of allowing Jennifer McMahon to immerse one of her suspenseful worlds.  I literally have to remind myself to breathe as I turn pages, as she ratchets the suspense tighter and tighter.”- Maryelizabeth

William Morrow trade paperback original, $14.99

Mysterious Galaxy Books

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