Jeff Edwards Author- DOME CITY BLUES


by Jeff Edwards

A Mysterious Galaxy Book Review

“Even alone, beaten up by life, and a tad pissed at the world, David Stalin is still one of the best detectives that the Los Angeles Urban Environmental Enclosure 12, 12-A and their surroundings have ever seen.  Hell, throw in the rest of the world if you wish.  There’s no one more tenacious than our hero.  Even after his wife was taken from him.  Even after four years of retirement.  Even against all odds.  The year is 2063 and he’s back on the job …  and his past is about to catch up with him.”

“Take the intelligence of a Neal Stephenson novel, add a heaping helping of Richard K. Morgan kick-ass, fold in a cup or two of real world technical knowledge and an eye in the future, and put the result in a noir dystophia bleak enough to make Philip K. Dick and William Gibson shed a few tears.  Bake at 2000 degrees.  You now have a small idea of what Jeff Edwards has in store for you in DOME CITY BLUES.”- PMH

Stealth Books,  $24.99

Mysterious Galaxy Books

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