Camilla Lackberg Author- THE STONECUTTER


by Camilla Lackberg

Mysterious Galaxy Book Review  A Buzz Book

“THE STONECUTTER is one of the latest offerings from the land of midnight sun in the hot genre now referred to as “Nordic Noir.”  Swedish author Camilla Lackberg has been hailed as the next Agatha Christie but not even the grand dame could have come up with a story so horrific yet fascinating in detailing the kind of crimes that get committed in small towns.  There are two interweaving stories.  The first concerns the death of a little girl whose body is pulled out of the sea by a fisherman.  The second story, that of the “stonecutter,” takes place in 1923.  Because it is a small town, the lives of the local police detective, Patrik Hedstrom, his domestic partner and their new baby also get pulled into the mystery in very frightening ways.  I couldn’t put this book down.  This is Lackberg’s third book, and has just recently been translated into English.  She is a must read.”- Evelyn

Pegasus Crime trade paperback original, $15.99

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