Kate Rhodes Author- CROSSBONES YARDS


by Kate Rhodes

Mysterious Galaxy Books Review

Are you a runner?  Do you like London?  Are you curious about how a serial killer’s mind works?  If you answer yes to any of these question, then partner with psychologist Alice Quentin as she races through out England’s capital to discover a copycat torturer and killer of women.  Six years ago, a couple … since apprehended … mutilated and murdered a baker’s dozen women.  Now a copycat is using their methods to disfigure and destroy a new set of victims.  although beset by her own family demons and trust issues, Quentin aids the police in profiling the murderer and discovers uncomfortable connections to her life and the people who inhabit it.  Does she know the killer?  After all, can it be coincidence that Quentin has stumbled over two of the bodies?  Keep pace with Quentin as she solves her first crime and discovers unsettling truths about the people surrounding her life.- Adrean

Minotaur Books, $24.99


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