Xanadu Gallery- Optimizing Your Website A Free Broadcast

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Free Broadcast | Artists’ Websites

Join us for a Live, Free Broadcast
Tuesday, September 10 , 2013

Your website should be the hub of your digital identity. Your website will serve as a marketing tool and sales platform. Everything else you do online, your social media activity, blogging and email marketing revolve around your website. It’s critical your site be a great reflection of you and your work.

Join Barney Davey (publisher of ArtPrintIssues.com) and Jason Horejs (owner, Xanadu Gallery and publisher of reddotblog.com) as they discuss principles and best practices for artists websites, including

  • The Purposes of an Artist’s Website
  • Design
  • Ecommerce
  • Scope
  • Consistency
  • How often to Update
  • Information to Include in an Artist’s Website
  • What to Avoid

And Much More

Would you like Jason and Barney to Critique your Website?

Barney and Jason are planning to critique several websites during the course of the broadcast. If would like to submit your website for review (and if you have a thick skin!) please enter your website address into the comments on the Hangout page.

To Participate in the Broadcast

You can register for the event by visiting our Google+ event page (Click Here). If you register on the event page, you will receive reminders leading up to the broadcast. You must be signed in to Google in order to register. Registering is optional – you do not have to register to attend the broadcast.
To watch the broadcast, simply go to the Hangout page at start time.

Ask a Question!

If you would like to have us ask Barney & Jason a question, please leave it in the Google+ comments on the Hangout page.

To learn more about the broadcast and to register to attend (free), navigate to


Start Time by Time Zone
Time Zone Start Time
Pacific 5:00 pm
Arizona 5:00 pm
Mountain 6:00 pm
Central 7:00 pm
Eastern 8:00 pm

To learn more about the broadcast and to register to attend (free), navigate to


Xanadu Gallery | 7039 E. Main St. #101 | Scottsdale, AZ 85251
480.368.9929 | 866.483.1306 | WWW.XANADUGALLERY.COM


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