by Lisa Lutz

Mysterious Galaxy Books Review

Elizabeth says: Here’s what I like: San Francisco, sassiness, sarcasm, and sneaking around. (I also like alliterations.) Here is what Lisa Lutz delivers in the latest Spellman novel: All of these things!  Not to mention a whole host of great characters, witty one-liners, and enough booze to keep you sane while you deal with the antics of the most dysfunctional family in the private investigator business.  This is my first Spellman novel, so I got to know everyone for the first time: Izzy, our delightfully droll narrator, her wacky family, and their associates all make for great entertainment.  I’ll definitely be waiting in anticipation for the next one.

Terry says: One of the best things to happen to me at the beginning of the new year was the appearance of the next “document” in the Spellman “files.”  If you are new to this series you can start with this book and Lutz will catch you up on some of the activities from previous books (she always provides an appendix … which is fun reading in and of itself).  But I don’t know why you would want to miss a moment of the crazy antics of the ultimate dysfunctional family.

Isabel Spellman, whose life and work goals consist of “getting to the bottom of everything.” without ever revealing anything about herself or involving herself emotionally, has a myriad of problems both work and personal in this very funny fifth installment of the Spellman Files.  Some of the questions currently facing her include: why her mother is filling her schedule with outside interests; what caused the rift between her siblings; and why she is receiving so many oddball surveillance requests.  She is also trying work things out with (read:avoid) her boyfriend of two years.

As always, there is lots of subterfuge and spying (most of which is within the family unit).  But the most important thing you always walk away from a Spellman book with is, no matter how dysfunctional your family seems, spending time with the Spellmans, always makes you take a second look and re-evaluate.  Now, pick up this “document” and prepared to have fun.

Simon & Schuster, $25.99

Mysterious Galaxy Books

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