George R. R. Martin Author- A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE


by George R. R. Martin

from The Quill Sisters

“We love this series of books by George R. r. Martin on two separate fronts.  The books are filled with thrilling battles and love and betrayal and huge wolves and- holy crap- dragons.  This is epic story telling in the vein of Tolkien.  Who wouldn’t be sold?  Martin constantly keeps you on your toes by killing off main characters.  Amylynn has been a fan since before the HBO show and now there is a whole new set of fans for her to gush with.  You want to know why the HBO show is so good?  It’s because, despite the necessity of editing the inches thick books, the series follow Mr. Martin’s work very closely.  The casting is superior and sets are awe inspiring.  Do yourself a favor and get the first book- you’ll want to read more.  Then tun in to the series.  start at the beginning.  Peter Dinkle is Tyrion personified and Amylynn has a real soft spot for the Hound.  We discovered that Mr. Martin lives very close to Albuquerque and now we’re looking into the restraining order laws in the state of New Mexico.    Don’t be alarmed, Mr. Martin.”

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