Barbara McNichol Editorial- Martin Handford’s WHERE’S WALDO Children’s Books & Word Trippers

Barbara McNichol Editorial- Martin Handford’s WHERE’S WALDO Children’s Books & Word Trippers

Martin Handford, a British illustrator, published the
Where’s Waldo children’s books starting in 1987. In the
series, readers search for the red-and-white-striped
bobble-hatted, glasses-wearing character named Waldo
as well as various things amiss in the intricate illustrations.
The challenge is made trickier because Handford included “red
herrings” (logical fallacies designed to mislead the reader
from the task at hand). Remiss readers, beware!

This week’s Word Tripper describes the difference between
amiss and remiss—two words you’ll want to distinguish before
doing a Where’s Waldo? challenge.

Word Tripper for August 22, 2013

Amiss, remiss – “Amiss,” both an adjective and adverb,
describes something inappropriate, out of place, or
imperfect. “Remiss,” an adjective, means negligent,
inattentive, or careless.

“The coach would be remiss in his responsibilities if he
ignored all that was amiss with the team.” – Lee Olson

“The theft might have been missed if the young miss had
been remiss in reporting something amiss.” – Sharon Skinner

“I knew something was amiss in the room but was remiss in
not checking thoroughly to determine exactly what.” – Gary


Can You Find Waldo?

Click here to take a break and test your skills at finding
Waldo. (When your browser opens the link, click on the
brown satchel underneath the Where’s Waldo? logo in
the middle of the screen to begin searching. Good luck!)


The NEXT TWO Word Trippers — track vs. tract;
insidious vs. invidious

Craft an example sentence for one or both future Word
Trippers and send it to me by Thursday, August 29th. I’ll
include the best examples in an upcoming Word Tripper of 
the Week ezine.


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