Todd McCaffrey Author- DRAGONSBLOOD


by Todd McCaffrey

Mysterious Galaxy Review

“The dragons of Pern are dying and there is no cure.  DRAGONSBLOOD is Todd McCaffrey’s first Pern novel written on his own, and Todd gives the reader double the Pern experience in his solo debut.  The story is set in two time eras with two female protagonists on quests- Lorana, a young healer during Pern’s “present” (Second Interval/Third Pass) and Wind Blossom, an old geneticist during Pern’s “past” (First Pass/First Interval).  Lorana is trying to find a place for herself on Pern and is unaware of her destiny with Pern’s dragons.  This type of personal quest is standard Pern fare and the twist of this quest is put to good use in DRAGONSBLOOD.”

” Wind Blossom is seeking redemption for youthful errors and her foresight regarding the dragons could change her ultimate legacy to be one of honor.  Centuries separate these two women, but the intensity of the overriding quest for a dragon cure within both women is strong enough to bridge time.  What connects the women?  Is Lorana’s density fulfilled?  Will Wind Blossom find redemption?  How does her song help?  Will there be enough dragons to fight Thread?  If these quests and questions intrigue you, discover the answers in Todd McCaffrey’s DRAGONSBLOOD.  The dragons of Pern are dying and two women, out of time, are trying to save them.”- ADB

Del Rey  pap.  $7.99

Mysterious Galaxy Books

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