Brenda Cardenas Poet- BOOMERANG


poetry by Brenda Cardenas

In BOOMERANG, Brenda Cardenas creates a vibrant, syncretic space open to many voices, perspectives, and tongues.  Here, whatever is made is in motion.  Cardenas casts a line of English, and it returns to her in Spanish.  She spins lyrically taut free verse; sculpts prose poems, sapphics, and sonnets; and punches the rhythms of spoken word in what Juan Felipe Herrera has called “a sonic calligraphy, hand-thrown spirals of spirit.”  Whether telling stories of displaced peoples and places, responding to Chicano art, or meditating on language itself, Cardenas strikes a deliberately tenuous balance between self-assurance and loss, all the while on a journey toward the interconnectedness that she calls home.

“BOOMERANG is a fine bit of bilingual poetry and should not be missed.”- James Cox, MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

112 pp.   paper   $!2.00   ISBN978-1-931010-53-5

Bilingual Review Press

Latin American Literary Review Press


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