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by Steph Cha

Mysterious Galaxy Books Review

Steph Cha’s find debut novel, much like S. J. Rozan’s Lydia Chen series, is a mystery thriller that incorporates the Asian community and its customs, including corruption and murder.  Starting out as a seemingly frivolous endeavor on the part of good friends to dispel a nagging suspicion, the story develops into a trail of deceit that reveals a complex story line.  Song, an Asian-American recent college graduate, has not yet landed a job, but has a fixation on noir fiction and Chandler’s Philip Marlowe.  When his best friend Luke asks her to investigate a suspected affair between his wealthy dad and his young Asian paralegal, Song has nothing to lose and an itch to scratch.  Her first attempt to the investigation lands her unconscious in the trunk of a car and the story continues to advance to murder and a hint of pornography that inflames Song’s memories of her younger sister. – Bunny

Minotaur Books, $24.99

Mysterious Galaxy Books

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