Darrell James Author- PURGATORY KEY


by Darrell James

Handling a ransom payoff for two teenage girls shouldn’t be hard for an incredibly sharp investigator like Del Shannon.  But the deal is botched when she’s forced to kill one of the kidnappers.  Del can hardly forgive herself for screwing up her best chance at finding the missing girls.  Meanwhile, time is running out for Lissa Rogers and Kendra Kozak, held captive by a dangerous fugitive on an island in the Louisiana bayous- and quite possibly the site of a legendary treasure.


NAZARETH CHILD   Book One is the Del Shannon series  Winner 2012 Eureka Award for Best First Novel

SONORA CROSSING  Book Two takes Del Shannon on another trilling adventure in search of a strange and gifted child.


BODY COUNT  From “Sweaty Money” to “Who Wants To Kill Billy Tingle a collection of fifteen short stories by award winning author Darrell James.

VENGEANCE- Includes stories by Lee Child, Michael Connelly, Alafair Burke, Karin Slaughter, Dennis Lehane and “Even A Blind Man” by Darrell James.

SCOUNDRELS- An all original anthology featuring stories of grifters and schemers by best selling and award winning authors.  Edited by Gary Phillips and featuring “The Biggest Fish in Texas” by Darrell James.

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