Brandon Sanderson Author- MISTBORN


by Brandon Sanderson

A Mysterious Galaxy Rave Review

“Bandon Sanderson’s MISTBORN is an utterly compelling fantasy novel.  You start at the very bottom, with Vin, an orphan thief barely surviving on the city streets.  By luck, she joins up with Kelsier, a gang leader and a revolutionary, whose dream is to take down the thousand-year rule of the Lord Ruler, the dark lord of the tale.  Everything seems to be against them: the Lord Ruler’s many magical agents and secret police, the dead weight of a class-riven society dedicated to perpetuating the privilege of the ruling elite, and not least, the Lord Ruler’s own mysterious power, which has allowed him to overwhelm all resistance for a millennium.  But Vin and Kelsier have magic of their own, lots of imagination and willingness to take impossible risks and do impossible things, and most powerful of all, the hope for a better future.  Sanderson gives us a rousing tales as he details Vin and Kelsier’s exciting fight for freedom.”- DJ

Tor pap, $7.99

Mysterious Galaxy Books

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