Laurie Stevens Author- DEEP INTO DUSK


by Laurie Stevens

Laurie’s new book is now available! Click link below to buy at Amazon for Kindle or in deluxe paperback.

Thanks for your patience. We are sure you will love the second novel in the Gabriel McRay Series. “Deep Into Dusk”
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“Stevens sets the stage for graphic sensory details and a fast-paced, tantalizing mystery that utilizes her passion and research in forensics and psychology.”

“Readers will relate to the San Francisco and Los Angeles settings, and Stevens’ allusions to “Cask of Amontillado” andFrankenstein craft a story immersed in theater, disguise and secrecy.”

“Memorable characters, macabre scenes and a dazzling portrayal of reality will leave readers anxious for book two in the Gabriel McRay series.”

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Amazon’s Laurie Stevens Page

Visit Amazon’s Laurie Stevens Page to discover books, learn about the writer, read author blogs, and more.
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