by Cynthia Lang

Cynthia Lang’s new book SARAH CARLISLE’S RIVER AND OTHER STORIES has been published by Mill City Press.  What defines a legacy?  Is it a fortune, a factory, or a debt, a grandfather’s prized baseball card collection or a mother’s silver spoons?  SARAH CARLISLE’S RIVER AND OTHER STORIES begins with a family legacy.  Sarah … the author’s ancestor and mother of Gardner Colby, benefactor of Colby College- married a successful Maine shipbuilder and lived a life of wealth, even extravagance, until the War of 1812 destroyed the business and erased all traces of former fortune.  “having know what such adversity is,” Sarah wrote to a nephew who’d fallen on hard times, “I can appreciate the distress you are in.

Through nine short stories and a cast of vibrant characters, SARAH CARLISLE’S RIVER collects legacies of all forms … not all as tangible as Sarah’s letter.  Take a journey, and nothing may change hands but tickets.  But now and then … a train ride to Texas connects two orthodox students, unmoored from competing religions.  A celebrated computer geek flies to the Caribbean to help his father but finds his own future reprogrammed.  The harmony of three musicians is altered for good when the trio accepts a booking at an Edinburg nightclub.

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Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors  Vol. 42, No. 4 August/Sept. 2013

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