Geraldine Birch Author- THE SWASTIKA TATTOO


by Geraldine Birch

Geraldine Birch’s YA historical novel, THE SWASTIKA TATTOO, is the story of Rudolf Meier, a young German prisoner of war whose love for Nazi Germany is as visible as the swastika tattoo on his forearm.  After Rudolf and his U-boat (submarine) crew mates are captured by an American destroyer, Rudolf is sent to a POW camp in Arizona where he labors picking cotton for a Jewish farmer.  It is there that he comes face-to-face with the bigotry and intolerance he learned as a Hitler Youth.  Through long months of internment, his only joy is his friendship with the farmer’s son who shows him the real meaning of humanity, individualism and democracy.  Then, just as his repatriation to Germany is in sight, a murder in the camp makes Rudolf realize he may be the next target of the hard-core Nazis who really control the Arizona prison camp.

THE SWASTIKA TATTOO is published by Silverlake at and selling well in the U.K. thanks to a U.K. tweeting service.

Visit Geraldine’s website at

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors  Vol. 42, No. 4  August/Sept.  2013

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