Stone Thread Publishing EBOOKS- Spotlights Authors D.A. Riley and Ron Wick

Author Spotlight: D.A. Riley and Ron Wick
Jul 24, 2013 04:35 am | HarveyHi Folks,

This time our Author Spotlight focuses first on romance-suspense author D.A. Riley.

Deb_300D. A. Riley has served in the United States Air Force, has earned a degree in Computer Science, and now manages an engineering organization. She lives in Maryland with her husband and two rescued dogs. She often enjoys her two favorite hobbies: birding and photography. She indulged in her passion for storytelling with her first novel, a paranormal romance suspense thriller titledKindred Spirits. We at StoneThread Publishing consider ourselves fortunate she chose us. You can connect with her on Facebook or LinkedIn or on her website at D. A. Riley.

Try out D.A. Riley’s book! For a limited time, you can get Kindred Spiritsabsolutely free. During checkout, enter coupon code GZ58K (not case-sensitive).


Now our Author Spotlight swings over to focus on mystery-suspense author Ron Wick.

Ron Wick_300Ron Wick’s current title is Gold Coast Murder, the first in the Santiago Mystery series. Ron is a retired teacher, principal and poet from the Seattle area, now living in Arizona. As an educator he also worked with police and court authorities involving many criminal issues, ranging from juvenile delinquencies to suspected pedophiles. One of his students was alleged to be a Green River murder victim. He is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all humanity and will donate 10% of his royalties to Lions Clubs International Foundation, the charitable arm of the association of which he has been a member and officer for 35 years. You can connect with Ron on Facebook.

Try out Ron’s book! For a limited time, you can get Gold Coast Murder absolutely free. During checkout, enter coupon code WT22E (not case-sensitive).

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‘Til next time, happy reading!

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