C. Robert Cargill Author- DREAMS AND SHADOW


by C. Robert Cargill

Mysterious Galaxy Review

“Cargill, a longtime contributor to pop-culture website “Ain’t It Cool News,” adapts the rallying cry of local independent businesses, “Keep Austin Weird,” to a novel where things are indeed weird, in the darkly fantastic sense of the word.  Ewan is taken as an infant by the fairies.  The unhappy and resentful Knocks is the changling left in Ewan’s place.  A chance encounter with djinn leads Colby to become Ewan’s friend and champion.  As adults, Colby is a great magician, Ewan is a dissatisfied rock star wannabe, and both are the focus of unwanted attention by a host of magical creatures with varying motivations.

Recommended to fans of Bill Willingham’s FABLES, and other dark fantasy works where is doesn’t pay to become emotionally attached to any characters.” – Maryelizabeth

Harper Voyager, $24.99.  (March)


858-268-4747                                  310-542-6000

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