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Best Of cvr front
From the introduction by Alison Hawthorne Deming:


The Best of 2012, Kore Press celebrates twenty years of bringing women’s voices to light in artful publications and here marks their accomplishment with work gathered from the year’s first book and open submissions. The collection makes the point Kore has worked so doggedly to make: its commitment to promote new, aesthetically and culturally diverse writing by women.

Poetry is a strange half-light world, penetrating and partial, that bridges mind and world, mind and word, purpose and drift, music and silence. Sarah Carson digs into the subtlety here in speaking of “a silence that I think means something other than silence.” This reminds me of poet Elinor Wilner’s capacious notion that poetry gets to “the self beneath the self.” Brenna Lemieux digs into the poetic power of imprecision, the ellipses between mind and word occasioned by dysphasia. Sabrina Dalla Valle digs brilliantly into Grammaire to find that “the precise order of words transforms things.” Yes, as she writes, “Everything yearns for connection.” Poets here find in hens and family suffering, in the moment and in the past, in Inanna and Wittgenstein, in piñata and archaeological shard, the materials to build bridges across the gaps that create distance and conflict. Read Sarah Sousa’s “Man Shields Man” to find in its closing line the profound power of metaphor to encompass both terror and nurture.”

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